23 März 2010

Zusammenfassung von „Mr. Mumsford“ von Larry French

Ich hatte für Englisch die Aufgabe eine Zusammenfassung von „Mr.Mumsford“ von Larry French zu schreiben. Wer mich kennt weiß, dass ich sowas nie für mich alleine mache und deswegen stelle ich die euch hier zur Verfügung. Die Zusammenfassung ist natürlich in Englisch 😉

The short story „Mr.Mumsford“ published in Twenty-one short shorts by Larry French deals with the topic of respect between poor and rich, less educated and educated people.

At the beginning we become some information about Mr Mumsford. We learn that Mr.Mumsford is a janitor in a small southern school and that he has the plan to kill the principal of this school. The reason for this plan is, that nobody knows his real name and that all people call him Bibs.

After we know all this information about Mr. Mumsford, we learn that Mr. Mumsford meet the principal. He gives the principal the information that he plans to kill him. The principal ask him why and Mr. Mumsford gives him also this information.

The principal is shocked, but he asks Mr. Mumsford for his real name. Mr. Mumsford gives him this information and the principal advice him to look this name up at the library and he promises Mr. Mumsford that all teacher and he will learn and use the real name of Mr. Mumsford from now on.

At the end Mr. Mumsford do not kill the principal and give him the advice to work not to much and to eat the supper with his wife.